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Stokey welcomes the arrival of home-cooked takeaway food


A new company launches in Stoke Newington this November offering keen amateur local cooks the chance to sell their food to their community.


Dish Next Door has more than 25 home cooks living in Stokey offering a variety of home-cooked dishes. 


Bob Conwell, a co-founder of the company, said: “There are some amazing cooks creating wonderful dishes behind closed doors. Now we all get a chance to enjoy their food. I often used work long hours and the takeaway options were mainly unhealthy. I’d walk home and could smell wonderful food being cooked by my neighbours. When a colleague suggested Dish Next Door I was determined to get involved.”


Joel Ng came up with the original idea – his mother, who comes from Malaysia, cooked amazing curries for her family and always dreamt of making money from her passion.


Bob added: “Joel and I used to work together and when he mentioned the idea to me I knew it was worth pursuing.  Dish Next Door really is designed with home cooks in mind – it’s small volumes of people cooking and they decide how many portions to prepare."


Bob and his team meet each cook before they’re listed on the site to make sure their cooking is up to scratch.  Food typically includes Indian curries, Israeli stews, Senegali rice dishes and Italian lasagnes and one cook offers a gluten free menu.


Those wishing to order from Dish Next Door can enter their postcode into the company’s website to see what’s cooking and where – then pay online and pop round to collect.  Food is served in biodegradable packaging and dishes typically cost between £6 and £9 a portion.


Dish Next Door launches on Monday November 16th.

Pictured here: The founders of Dish Next Door

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