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Making informed childcare & education choices


We've attempted to take some of the legwork out of researching nurseries and schools - we've asked around and trawled the web and Ofsted pages to bring you reports, links and contact details.


Check out nurseries, primary schools and secondary schools for local listings and Ofsted reports -  this is a new website and new schools will be added over the coming weeks. Click here to read what a group of Stokey mums thought were the must ask questions of prospective nurseries.

Visit to search for the schools closest to you and glimpse their Ofsted rating.


To get an idea of which school's catchment you live within visit


There's also heaps of information about local schools and facilities at


If you want to connect with other parents in your child's school, create babysitting circles, coordinate school pickups or get hold of second hand uniform we've come across this nifty site:

nurseries hackney
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