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Stokey's Facebook market for kids' stuff

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pre-loved baby things Stoke Newington

Have you got a baby bath tucked away in the cellar you never use?  Or are you on the look out for a freebie or a bargain?


By buying and selling or even giving away items locally you can save money on postage and support parents within your own community.


Join our local Facebook group and buy, sell and swap with likeminded families.

You can visit the page direct here:

How it works


Ask to join the Facebook page and, when you send us your advert please include:

  • A description of the item you'd like to sell or give away

  • How much you'd like to sell it for

  • What condition it's in

  • Whether you're willing to deliver or would prefer the buyer to collect

  • Ideally send a photo too.



We don't charge for this service. We'll leave it to you to sort the finer details of payment and collection. We know most folk are lovely but please take care if arranging to deliver or collect items from strangers.


Please  mark your item as 'sold' as soon as it is snapped up.  If you're selling a car seat please ensure it hasn't been involved in a collision.


StokeyParents is not an actioneer and does not have possession of anything listed or sold via the Facebook group. The contract for sale is directly between buyer and seller and responsibilty rests users to give accurate descriptions and ensure fair payment for items advertised. Please read our Terms and Conditions




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