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Enchanting venue nourishes parent-child relationships


Child psychologist Margot Sunderland, who wrote What Every Parent Needs to Know, has been itching to bring elements of her book to life for years.

Now the mother of two, who lives in Islington, has realised her dream with the opening of The Parent Child Relationship Spa at London Art House, Britannia Row.

She told Islington Mums: “Neuroscience has shown that quality moments between parent or carer and child are not only great for bonding but also for brain development. 

“Our spa encourages parents and carers to take time out to really nourish their relationships with their children in delightful and enduring ways.

“We offer a feast of fun relational games for closer connection with both infants and older children that you can use at home too and lots of taught resources to perfect your child- led play and communication techniques.

“As a parent myself of two little girls, I know that parents need pampering too. Experts estimate parenting for most of us to equate to a 90-hour week.”

The relationship spa also features sensory zones including magical dark dens, messy play, dressing up, drumming, puppets, a small-world play area and a live musical theatre with a professional actor. Refreshments are available for children and adults.

Parents can choose to attend one and a half hour sessions as a one-off or opt for weekly sessions.

To claim your free trial session visit


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