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Entrepreneurial local mum launches Elfie’s Christmas Letters


Mother of three Emily Beckloff started writing short letters for her children from 'Elfie' (one of Father Christmas’ elves) a few years ago. She left them to find each morning when they woke in the run-up to Christmas.  Now the entrepreneurial Islington mother, who works as an osteopath by day, has teamed up with another local mum to share the magic.


This year marks International Elf Service’s first official year - those who sign up receive 24 beautifully illustrated letters and envelopes addressed to all the children in the family, ready to deliver on Elfie’s behalf every day from the December 1st till Christmas Eve.


Emily told StokeyParents how the business started. She said: "Over the years the notes got longer, drawing were added and then finally by Christmas 2012 they formed one long story from the 1st to the 24th December about what was actually going on in real time. 


"We have such a great time with it.  I leave them a clue in their advent calendar ‘look on something warm’, ‘look next to a wheel’, ‘you can’t climb over it, you can’t climb under it…’ and the kids squeal with excitement as they shoot off to find their letter for the day.  Sometimes I spill some paint or nail varnish on the envelope or put a little treat inside.  Then we snuggle up on the sofa together and read it, amazed at all the goings on in the North Pole.


"It has always been on my mind to see if other children would enjoy Elfie’s Christmas Letters too. Someone in the playground said I should talk to Amee D’Souza, another mum in the playground, as she designs and builds websites. When I got chatting to her it turned out that she draws pretty well too! So, she built the website AND is the artist for Elfie’s Christmas Letters.


"We did have one problem – Amee’s drawing is too good. We had to keep thinking rushed and wonky (elves are EXTREMELY busy) to get Elfie’s style.

…the elves are easily distracted, rather clumsy and cause huge amounts of mess. Mucking out the reindeer, baking, polishing sleigh bells and mending damaged uniforms never seem to go smoothly. This year we find out how reindeer fly and the drama of the missing magic dust ingredient..."


"So, this is the International Elf Service’s first official year and it’s all very exciting!   All the materials used are either recycled or from renewable sustainable natural sources. " 

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