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Stokey Mum launches children’s style guide


A self-proclaimed fussy shopper from Stoke Newington has launched a Little Style Guide to help parents pick stylish affordable children’s clothes and products.


Valerie Faulkner, who previously enjoyed a successful career in TV, came up with the idea for a style blog when she was pregnant.


She said: “It started with me searching everywhere (and I mean everywhere) for cot bedding which was a bit different and I eventually found the perfect quilts. In California.


“It's not that I'm snobby about where I shop - most of my son Luc's clothes are from the high street and I love finding a bargain - it's just that I want to find the gems that aren't covered in logos or cartoon characters. 


“I realise that not everyone is as picky as me, which is why I thought I could help busy parents who don't have the time (or inclination) to trawl the high street, or the funds for the designer children’s-wear that a lot of style blogs focus on."


As well as spending her career doggedly researching obscure topics for TV, Valerie has previously worked in interior design.


“When Luc came along it seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine my skills and set up a style blog”,  she added.


“It took us a long time to become parents so when Luc was born after our 2nd IVF attempt we couldn't quite believe it. I've been lucky enough to spend 2 brilliant (if tiring!) years with him full time but he's now about to start nursery part time so my aim is to do some TV work and then write my blog whenever I get a spare moment. “

Valerie is also joining forces with another Stokey mum to set up a styling website to help

mums and other women get their confidence back by revamping their wardrobes and make-up.


She added: “We both know what it's like to come to terms with a new body (and sleep deprived face) after birth and to try and stay stylish whilst crawling around at soft play with your maternity jeans half way down your bottom!”


To find out more, email Visit


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