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Actor returns to Stokey to launch classes for preschoolers


Mother of two and local actor Lottie Allen who has starred on film, TV, stage and radio, is bringing  her drama and storytelling classes to Stokey.


Known by the acting name Charlotte Purton, Lottie has starred in Eastenders, Basic Instinct and Love Me Still and in the award-winning webseries ‘The Syndicate’, which is currently being developed as a feature film.


She’s been running her Magic Box drama and storytelling classes for children aged 18 months to five years in a Walthamstow shop since 2013 and, having lived in Stoke Newington and worked for a spell in Earlybird Cards, has been keen to return to her old stomping ground.


Her classes start at 11am on Wednesday March 18th in Clissold House.


She said: “I set up Magic Box when my second daughter was 1. I wasn’t ready to leave either child for long periods of time, as many acting jobs demand (though the youngest had already been on a mini tour with me, when she was 6 months old!). But, I was getting itchy feet, creatively – and wanted to do something that would challenge me, stimulate me and could fit around my daughters.


“It took a nudge and a push from friends and family (thanks hubby and mum – key stage 1 and nursery specialists, respectively) to convince me to take the leap – and I’m so pleased I did! I love taking the sessions, and writing them (with my fabulous writing partner, Rebecca).


“It’s wonderful seeing initially shy children who want to sit and listen to the stories for the first few weeks, then become more confident, joining in and helping me tell the story each week. The children help lead the stories too, with their ideas - their imaginations are amazing!”


“They learn to focus, to listen well and to follow, internalise then retell and adapt stories. Their ideas are incredible, and the stories are crafted in such a way as to allow the children to take them anywhere their imaginations fancy! As well as being good fun, the ability to retell and innovate on intimately known and loved story structures is key to children becoming confident and imaginative storytellers in their own right, which in turn gives them a major advantage in their school life.”


Classes cost: £6 per child, £10 for two children. Siblings under 18 months go free.


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