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Local mum gets buggy running to meet New Year fitness goals

Written by a Stokey Mum guest blogger:


If one of your goals for the New Year is to get fitter, or just to spend more time outside in the fresh air, then get your joggers on and hit Clissold Park!


I have been running with a pushchair on and off for about 7 years, since the birth of my number 1. Mostly off actually as I am naturally quite lazy and find it really hard to motivate myself. I actually love running though - there isn’t any other exercise I’d rather be doing. Once I get my rather-bigger-than-I’d-like bottom off the sofa I tend to binge on running for a while. I am mid-binge at the moment; running 5 times a week. I love it and really feel the benefits. Don’t tell anyone, but I am secretly more than a little competitive, and need a focus or a goal to keep me motivated.


In the past I ran for various clubs, but this doesn’t work so well with family life. Park Run at Highbury Park is perfect for parents though – it’s suitable for all abilities and great if you’re a little competitive. I want to be up there, as near to the front as I can get, and I want to beat my personal best every time. Others are satisfied with making it round the 5km course- and that is great! Running frequently helps me get closer to these goals.Having a plan of times that I can regularly run helps me keep it up...I have to fit runs between school drop-off and baby classes and I vary who I run with.


Sometimes I want to run with someone who stretches me, other times I am content to run with new runners or those who may not have my competitive drive. I find it difficult to make time for exercise and so buggy running is ideal. You get a workout and your child gets a ride in the fresh air with plenty of opportunities for dog/duck/van and lorry spotting. And if you join some of the organised buggy fit classes you get to make friends too (if you can manage to run and chat).


My next goal is a triathlon in April. It would be my first - but it is good to try something new.


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