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Campaign to help family after devastating diagnosis


Friends of a Hackney mother who has just been diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer have launched a fundraising campaign to help.


Stefina Beccafichi (known to her friends as Stefi), 45, is a full-time mum to her two-year-old daughter Salianna and had been planning to return to work this month when Salianna started nursery.


But her cancer is progressing rapidly and has spread to her ovaries and friends are rallying to raise funds so her partner Aito can give up work to care for her and cover their essential living costs and complimentary health treatments.


Her friend Sarah Bentley said: “We (her friends) are in a state of bewilderment and shock. It’s too cruel. Stefi is a devoted Mama, loving wife and loyal friend. This prognosis is every family’s worst nightmare. They are trying to come to terms with prospects and make choices all of us dread ever having to make.  


“Compounding the situation, they live in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Instead of being able to focus on Stefi’s care and spend precious time together as a family, Aito is still going to work. The rent and bills all have to be paid – not to mention costs of exploring different treatments.


“Although we can’t change this sad situation we can make it a little better. If we can raise £20,000 this is enough for Aito to give up work and cover their essential living costs – rent, bills, food, complimentary health treatments for Stefi – for the next six months and ensure they can spend as much time together as a family as possible.


“By donating whatever you can afford you will be giving this family the precious time together they so desperately need.”


Stefi and her family lived in Hackney for many years and their friendship networks and Salianna's friends are here - the family recently moved to South London.


‘Team Stefi’ have set up a compassionate crowdfunding campaign on You Caring. To donate, visit

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