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Toy Donation Ideas:


Babies: rattles, chunky colourful  toys, shape sorters, wooden or soft toys, board books, mobiles


Pre-schoolers: crayons, pens, paper, crafty toys, books, dolls, vehicles, musical instruments, dressing up/role play


School-aged children: vehicles, footballs, clothes, craft kits, sports equipment, books, board games, puzzles, stationary, hats, gloves, scarves, fashion accessories

Let’s ensure no Hackney child feels forgotten this winter


Imagine living for years in one room with your whole family.


Imagine eating food from a tin cold because you can’t afford to heat it.


Imagine feeling the bite of austerity measures harder than anyone and looking on as others prepare to throw money at Christmas.


This year more than 800 children in Hackney need our help.  Families here are finding it harder than ever.  Many are working families in low paid jobs who can’t keep up with spiralling rents, increasing food costs and government cuts.  Others are refugees and asylum seekers who have fled untold horror.


Last year The StokeyParents Toy and Food Appeal helped hundreds of families. This year we’d like to do even better. Please buy a gift for a child in your community who will otherwise go without.  The deadline for donations is December 5th.


Angela Large of The Ivy Street Family Centre, said: “The toy appeal means parents can have something of quality to give to their children. Many of these families feel no-one cares about them and the idea that someone has done something so kind to help them really lifts their spirits.


“Every child loves to receive a special present – these gifts make their day; particularly for those who are living in really awful conditions.  They may not be able to enjoy a Christmas dinner – many will eat whatever’s in the cupboard - but having a special gift to open makes a real difference.”


The community website StokeyParents is also collecting food for the Hackney Food Bank, which has seen a 20 per cent increase in demand this year.  Last year they collected festive treats – this year supplies of the basics are lacking.


Gifts are distributed via the Ivy Street Family Centre by a network of social workers, children’s centres, a women’s refuge, hostels, schools and the homeless person’s unit. They go to families in most need.  Gifts for children of any age are needed. Last year there was a shortage of gifts for the overs 10s and teens.


A staggering 37% of the borough’s children live in poverty and, according to Shelter, 1,333 families with children in Hackney are homeless and 2,399 children live in temporary accommodation.


Angela added: “Until last year we were only able to give gifts to around 200 local children. Thanks to StokeyParents we’re hoping to give gifts to 800 children this year – unfortunately there’s no shortage of local children living in poverty.  The appeal has also helped make other corporates aware of us and as a result we’re receiving some extra help from other companies too.”


Jenna Fansa, founder of StokeyParents, said: “So far we’ve collected around 300 gifts and we’ve been incredibly moved by the generosity of local people but we need to do more to ensure no child feels forgotten this winter.  I urge every local family to support the appeal by buying an extra gift and/or food for families who are finding things desperately hard.”


Gifts and food can be donated at Location Location Estate Agency (18 Stoke Newington Church Street) or at That Place on the Corner on Newington Green before December 5th.

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