What's on for babies & pre-schoolers

Nicknamed Nappy Valley, Stoke Newington has one of the the country's largest number of babies per capita and there's a plethora of services and centres to keep your little ones entertained.


Fancy the tranquility of baby yoga, massage or quiet reading or a more lively sing-along, swim or play session - watching the pursestrings or willing to splash out a little? There's something for babies of all temperaments and parents of all budgets.


If you live in Woodberry Down and are looking for classes on your doorstep check out this website: http://wdfamilies.org/


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New content is uploaded to this website regularly. We're working hard to keep the data current but please check with the event or service providers direct if you're in any doubt.  Please contact us to tell us about new local activities or services or to flag up changes to existing ones.

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