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New community centre launches in Stokey

After years of planning and fundraising, the new St Mary's Centre N16 has opened at the back of St Mary's Church.

What a space!!! The architects have designed something really special: a massive hall that can be divided into smaller spaces, a beautiful kitchen and smaller conference rooms and brilliant loos!

Designing a building that sits so well with the church was quite a challenge but they've done a great job. These pics give a sneak preview. It's at the back of St Mary's Church - it's the space this community has been in need of for a very long time.

It's very genuinely a space for everyone - from the migrant centre, food bank and night shelter to Kehillah North London and lots of other groups. It's a space you can hire for parties and it will be fab for kids classes.

Hats off to Rev Dilly Baker who has made this happen (via the sale of a building in Defoe Road and a lot of fundraising) and whose kindness and compassion helps so many people.

If you'd like to find out more or are interested in booking the space contact Tamar - details are on the website:

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